About The SquadronEdit

The YS Thunder Aerobatic Team is based on the real life Indonesian AF Thunder Aerobatic . This team was founded by member Gennaro. Although the real life team flies 3 Sukhois the YS team flies 1 Sukhoi Su-27 and 1 Sukhoi Su-30 because the team wants to start with 2 planes first until they are ready to move to 3 planes. Thunder Aerobatic Team hopes to recruit pilots for live shows in 2012 until then the team will be a replay team.

Squadron ObjectiveEdit

The objective of the Thunder Aerobatic Team is to represent the Republic of Indonesia at YS Airshows by displaying 2 Sukhoi fighter jets from the Indonesian Air Force .


General InformationEdit

Facts about Thunder aerobatic team: -The team flies 1 Su-27 and 1 Su-30 -The team is based on a real life team -Gennaro planned the team about 4 months ago but because he cant do formation at that time so he decided to practice until he can do formations for the team .


Airshows and events that has been booked and attended : -Jones Beach Airshow (YSAS) -Air Cross Competition (YSAA) as opening act. (Short Show) -Chicago Air and Water Show (YSAA)Cancelled (Replaced by Solo Su-30) -Wake Island Air Festival (YSAA) Cancelled (Replaced by Solo Su-30) -Rockford Airfest (Show Cancelled)


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