YS Fishing - Buisness Card


About The SquadronEdit

Can't really describe it, come on the servers and see for yourself what we do, if you want to, send Dave an email found in the photo above and we can arrange a time you can join as a guest on one of our boats.

Combat RoleEdit

We have no combat role, Except for the fact that our ships are hard as nails man and anyone that tries penetrate the hull will only get lots of crab/ octopus/ Fish in their face... not cool.


  • These are called Crew Not pilots. Current Skipper - Dave
  • Relief Skipper - ?
  • Deck Boss - Neil
  • Deckhands - ? Greenhorns - ?


Do i need any addons, Captain Dave? Well son, your gonna need Daves Volume 1 of daves boat back when it comes out. This includes Fishing Boats and various trawler vessels, With lots of funky moving parts and lights and awesome stuff. Also with this pack comes essential fishing gear such as nautical maps and a fishing calculator! We currently are awaiting 6 Large Fishing vessels to be built within 4 weeks of today.