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The YSFlight Wiki, also known as the YSFlight Wikia, YSF Wiki or just "The Wiki" is the largest online encyclopedia dedicated specifically to the subject of YSFlight. While it is a separate site to YSFlight Headquarters, it officially has strong links to the fansite and so it is seen as an integral part of their community. It is an open-to-edit Wiki that is run and maintained by Sentinel182, and based upon the Wikia service.


The YSFlight Wikia is not the first ever Wiki for YSFlight. The first ever YSFlight Wiki was created by ETNU in 2006 alongside YSPilots 1.0, which ran for many years but did not have much support from the administration team of YSPilots. Eventually, due to the lack of maintenance, vandals and spam bots started to deface the site with less and less corrections made and less of an effort to tackle the problem. Eventually, the service ended in 2010. By this time ETNU had become inactive from YSFlight and in the process, his hosting was cut off, rendering the Wiki offline.

After YSFlight Headquarters started in February 2011, Sentinel182 decided that it was time to bring back the idea of the Wiki as there were many new members on HQ that did not know the history of YSFlight, as well as other reasons such as the fact that it would be a good archiving system and a good data center for those who need somewhere to find information about YSFlight.

The Wikia was set up through July 2011 and launched to the public on July 29th 2011.


The browsing section of the Wikia is split in the 5 main areas, which other pages rooting off from these areas:

  • YSFlight Simulator 2000
  • Online YSFlight Community
  • Squadrons & Virtual Groups
  • The Addon/Modification Encyclopedia
  • Pilots & Players

Most of the layout of the Wikia operates along the guidelines of page templates in order to keep certain types of pages orderly and recognizable. This is also useful since a lot of users presumably will not have much experience with the workings of a Wiki, and so the page templates are also there to guide them. Page Templates include:

  • Blank Template
  • Game Type Template
  • Personal Page Template
  • Personal/Subsquadron Template
  • Virtual Airline Template
  • Combat Squad Template