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YS Airshows (YSAS) is a program ran by Scarecrow and a group of selected committee members to better enhance the YS community by providing quality aerial events throughout the year.


YS Air Shows Incorporated was designed and founded in early 2007 to provide virtual events for the YSFlight community. Since then, YSAS has had hundreds of spectators over the past ½ decade. YSAS is ran by a committee in which oversees the operations of directing and training of air shows and individuals. YSAS is not limited to only aerial events, but can also provide services such as audio, media, and direction to everything from air-races, grand prix, and other virtual YS community events. Since 2007, YSAS has organized dozens of virtual entertainment venues.

Not only has YSAS pledged to provide aerial events, they also provide an extreme amount of publicity to the flight simulator and aviation world about YSFlight. The YSFlight community is growing and YSAS has the determination to recruit individuals for their interest to YS. Media aspects are posted on many 3rd party flight simulator websites world-wide, press releases, photos, videos on YouTube, and in conjunction with some real time aviation organizations. This new ideal will eventually generate the ability for YS to thrive and will provide the next generation of flight simmers. YSAS wants to show the global community the attractiveness YSFlight can provide with 3rd party add-ons such as aircraft, scenery, and other additions. The YS profile is very light and can be used on almost any computer, and in addition it is highly open sourced and can be easily edited and upgraded with various programs.

Virtual Air Shows provide the unique opportunity to showcase various aspects to the flight simulator community. Flight simmers are able to fly virtual demonstrations of various aircraft at events that take place year-round. These events are a win-win situation for the entire community. Spectators enjoy the events and the virtual pilots enjoy the performances.

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