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The VFC-183 is a virtual aggressor squadron that is based in YSFLight. Designed to be a small, highly elite squadron, any pilot that flies with (VFC-183) in their username is considered among the best of combat pilots in YSFlight. Originally formed by Raven and Talon, two of the best fighter pilots to fly in YSFlight, the VFC-183 eventually died when Raven left YSF. Now that he's back, the VFC-183 has been re-born with a new forum, new members and a new ambition to train the pilots of YSFlight.

Squadron ObjectiveEdit

Our mission as an aggressor squadron is to train pilots to dogfight and also in other aspects of combat.


General InformationEdit

Staff of the VFC-183

CO - Raven
XO - Midnight Rambler

Pilot Roster

Midnight Rambler

The VFC-183 is designed to be a small squadron that houses the elite. There are no ranks other than the CO or XO and all pilots share a mutual respect for one another.

The squadron has a unique training regiment which is tailored to the specific needs of the pilot. No two training sessions are unique and only once a member of the VFC-183 is pleased with your progress and skill, will you be admitted into the squad as a full member.

There are current openings for pilots. In order to join the squadron as a full VFC-183 pilot, you cannot be in any other military squadron on YSFlight. However, pilots of squads can apply to receive VFC-183 training through our forum.


Originally founded mid 2007 by Talon and Raven, the VFC-183 was extremely selective in it's pilots. So selective, that there were little more than 5 pilots accepted at any time. Notable pilots that were accepted included Neo, Harm and Stunna. Adding to the overall impression of the VFC-183, their pilots were winners of many red flag compitions, have completed in dogfighting demos at many airshows and were furball champions.


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