Three Flares, the act of dropping three flares in a short space of time, is a very common rule in servers in Multiplayer. Three flares is the generally accepted signal that a pilot does not wish to be engaged. Once a pilot drops three flares, it is expcted that the attacker will break off. Mostly used by civilian aircraft flying near a furball, or a mass dogfight, and used by military for either ending the dogfight or other reasons.

Disobeying this rule will sometimes be considered vulching, and can frequently lead to these consequences:

  • Free Fire
  • Kicked off the server
  • Banned from the server.

The Three Flare rule is generally respected, but will not be effective under certain circumstances:

  • If the aircraft which drops three flares is currently engaging air or friendly groround targets without permission, 3 flares are to be disregarded.
  • If the server owner decalres a 'freefire' on a certain individual, three flares may be disregarded against that individual.

Three flares may not always be effective simply because the attacker may not see all the flares when they are dropped. It is wise to type something like 'I do not wish to be engaged', or more commonly, 'WTF DON'T SHOOT!' in addition to the flares to ensure that your attacker gets the message.