Alpha Company (formerly known as Team Rage) is a four-member "personal group" founded by J.D. (aka Darris XTMRage on YSFHQ), HawkbitAlpha, KDFire, and Sir Madcatter in November 2011.

When the group first began as Team Rage Aerobatics, they drew ire for attempting to copy the style of Team Awesome. However, after J.D.'s return to the YSFlight community in the end of 2012, they shifted away from this style.

Since early 2015, HawkbitAlpha and J.D., AC's most active members in YS, have been banned from YSFHQ, along with SantiXgoIV, a prominent staff member of TR's parent organization, Task Force 51. Today, "Alpha Company" exists on the internet merely as an in-name-only personal group of Task Force 51, with its only purpose being to collectively refer to its four members.