About The SquadronEdit

Hello, Welcome to Team Awesome! Team Awesome lives up to it's name. Founded by FrenchTOZT, Philster and Midnight Rambler, Team Awesome is a select group of individuals that have been hand picked due to their awesomeness, to protect Awesome Island, our home. Awesome Island is the small island, Niihau, to the north-west of Hawaii. It is here where our mighty Fuzzritter, Weissritter, Eisritter and Gespenst robots fight off the evil 6th generation terrorists who are controlled by Team Rage. We are not really a squad, but more of a group of friends whom have bonded, from just plain old, fun.

Combat RoleEdit

Defending Awesome Island from 6th Generation 'baddies' that are controlled by the evil Team Rage.


  • FrenchTOZT and Zeus
  • Philster and Flake
  • Midnight Rambler and Shutter
  • Bombcat, Doomsday, Sentinel182


Fuzzritter, Weissritter, Eisritter and Gespenst robots. All created by Iceman. If you wish to join, you must show some awesome talent.