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Taskforce 58 is a well known and prolific modder, producing addons of every variety for release on his site, His maps, aircraft, ground objects, and weapons packs benefit from his considerable passion for aviation and attention to detail. Taskforce is among the most senior members of the YS community, and has served on the staff of many English language forums. He currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

Taskforce 58 is among the longest standing members of the English language YS community. His known memberships include the YS Yahoo group, and administrative status on YSTK, and YSPilots 1 and 2. He is currently active on YSFHQ. TF 58's contributions to the YS community are numerous. His addon work includes the Taskforce 58 Aircraft pack, the Default-bis stock aircraft replacement pack, the Taskforce 58 map pack, a weapons pack, and the Down in Flames reduced detail WW2 combat collection. His work is of uniformly high quality, though in recent years he has embraced the reduced detail, frame-rate and server friendly GAC style of modeling for most of his projects. One of his more interesting YS related activities is "In the Stall," a YS based web comic which was updated between 2005 and 2006.

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