Once you have made a flight, you can then save it as a Replay. When you do this, you can then view the replay of your previous flight. You will be able to fast forward, rewind and move through the replay frame by frame. There is also a time counter that you will have when you view the replay, showing the time of the replay in seconds only. In the replay, you will be able to view your flight through different camera angles. However, if your flight went wrong, you will also be able to correct it by continuing from the replay. This is much like YSFlight's equivalent of the Flashback and Rewind features in games such as Race Driver GRID and Forza Motorsport 3, but instead the function is not limited. You will also then have the ability to fly again in the replay using different aircraft, weapons and start positions. However, with start positions, you will not be able to choose start positions that have been taken by the aircraft that are already in the replay. This means you can use replays to create scenes such as aircraft chases or formations and other such events. Of course, replays will not be as such without the ability to save and load them as well and as with any game's replays, you can do this in YSFlight as well.


There is no way to win this game type.

How To BeginEdit

In Offline ModeEdit

Go to Simulation, then Replay Flight Record.

In Online ModeEdit

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