About MeEdit

Hello Phoenix here, I'm a 16 year old with a good interest with Space, Physics and Songs from Metro Goldwyn Mayer, somehow muddling through. I first discovered YS Flight when I was 13, yet it was not until I was almost 16 that I joined YSFHQ and the online community. Since then I have been the most active member on the YS Flight Forum itself (at this time I have 1859 posts), yet my activities have not been limited to the forum, as I was part of the abortive 367th Special Missions Wing, A short time Member of the 323rd and formerly a member of the 398th. A keen dogfighter and half decent ground attack pilot, Recently my attentions have turned to the Civilian Section of YS Flight, joining Fast Airways for a very short time before Creating Air Terranean Virtual Airline. Which is now the Second Largest and Most Active Airline (by Hours flown per month) in HQ. In fact Air Terranean Has done so well it recieved certification early (not bad for a few pilots new to this game), but that is by the way. Recently I have been becoming more enthusiatic about aerobatics, and am training to do a decent display at future YSAS events.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

May 8th 2008 - First Flew YS flight February 11th 2011 - Joined HQ May 16th - Created Air Terranean VA

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Air Terranean Virtual airline

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