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In the Landing Practice mode, you can use this mode to practice various landing approaches of different difficulty curves, using any aircraft you choose. There are 15 levels in this mode and the further through the levels you go, the harder it gets as the weather settings get more extreme and increase as you go further. You can also change the map in this mode, although you cannot change the airport that you land at, which is often the main airport on the map. Before you start levels in this mode, you are also given a brief guide, with a visual, top down graphic representation of how to land in the set conditions at the airports. You are also told whether it is a Visual Approach or ILS Approach and you are reminded about the need to put your landing gears down to actually land. When you start a level, you are spawned on the appropriate gliding slope.


The objective of the game type is to land your aircraft safely.

How To Begin[]

In Offline Mode[]

Go to Simulation, then Landing Practice. Then choose the level you want to play.

In Online Mode[]

This game type is single-player only.