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In Intercept Mission, the aim is to fly against various waves of enemy ground attack aircraft and keep 9 facilities in your base alive for 900 seconds. In this mode you can choose your aircraft, its weapons and the map you fly on and choose to have 1 to 3 wingmen which will share the same loadout and aircraft as you. Alternatively, you can fly alone. Unlike Endurance Mode, you can choose the maximum number of attackers in waves, ranging from between 1 to 5 attackers. However, like Endurance Mode, you can switch between Jet aircraft and WW2 aircraft so you can fly in different eras. Furthermore, much like Endurance Mode where you can switch AAMs on or off, in Intercept Mission you can switch Enemy Fighter Escorts, Stealth, Bombs and Heavy Bombers on or off.


In Single Player Intercept Mission, the objective of this game mode is to keep at least 9 facilities in your base alive for 900 seconds. In Multiplayer Intercept Mission, the objective is simply to destroy enemy aircraft.

How To Begin[]

In Offline Mode[]

Simulation, then Fly Intercept Mission.

In Online Mode[]

(Server Administrators only)

  • B: Start Intercept Mission
  • T: Terminate Intercept Mission