About MeEdit

Iceman's the name. Back in 2006, I started playing this game. Made some badass first mods, but that goes without saying. Originally, I wanted to join the 241st, but at the time I joined YSP, Vince was on vacation, which was fateful. I formed the 171FS back in April, and we were hateful. We grew faster than any other squadron, that's no debate though. I then split the squad in half with Bombcat, and by about 2009, any new trend there was in YS, we were beyond that. Also, modding, I got on that. First, I tried modding with Gepoly/x, but soon graduated to 3DS Max. Mastery of that program makes modding easy, like hacks. So with my new tools, I piled on the addons like stacks. I think I made over 150 addons, to be exact.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

Executive Officer/Founder CVW-171, April 2006
Owner/Administrator of YSFlight Headquarters, January 2011

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