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A Hawaiian Airways 777-200LR First Year Flies Past The Honolulu Tower.

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Hawaiian Airways Virtual Airline was created by me on September 1st 2011. It is now run and owned by myself and Dragonheart R1. I am the CEO. Dragonheart R1 is my Vice President. I have been part of PAC (Passenger Airline Corporation) and part of the staff at FAVA (Fast Airways Virtual Airline) as well as a pilot in YSRAAF and YSRAF. As Virtual Airlines became more professional and after seeing how the running of one of the community's most successful Virtual Airlines, FAVA was run, I decided that it was time to try my hand at running successful VA.

After our first year in operation, it is easy to see that we have become the best YSFlight VA in the English speaking community. We have broadened our pilot reach, also becoming an extremely multicultural VA, with pilots not just all from the US or the UK but in lots of countries around the world. Up to 3/08/12, we had officially logged 315 flights, with a total flight hour time of 487.07 hours and that is just since we started using our PIREPS website. We have 7 departments, 28 beautiful aircraft aircraft and 35 top of the range pilots. We also have an official promotional video and we have big plans for the future of HAVA. We hope you enjoy browsing this site and seeing what HAVA has to offer and your minds should be at ease knowing that myself and my Vice President are doing whatever we can do to make this airline the best it can be. Thank you.


Chief Executive Officer

Hawaiian Airways Virtual Airline

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Here is our recruitment video:

Hawaiian Airways VA Promo Video 2012

Hawaiian Airways VA Promo Video 2012

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