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About MeEdit

Hi, my name is GimiGlider, but you can all me Gimi, CX505 or just CX. I hope to become a fighter pilot for the PLA or a commercial pilot for Cathay Pacific when I grow up, and I live in a chinese city called Hong Kong. It is the most vertical city in the world!

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

I remember that fateful night. In 1945, I had just gotten into a flight simulator craze, and was searching up free flight simulators on google. I was about to give up, as there seemed to be nothing but the Flight simulator X demo, when I came across a website called "Ysflight". Curiosity getting the better of me, I clicked on it, clicked download, and found out it was a ton of fun (that is, after I figured out how to operate the aircraft). I soon spread word to my friends. But, then a tragedy struck. The windows my family was using went down with some type of virus, and no-one could fix it. I then passed one miserable year without ysflight on my Mac laptop. So, you could imagine my excitement when the test version of Ysflight in Mac came out! I downloaded it at once, and was very happy that it worked. After this, I began uploading videos, and now I am currently on a competition with Bernholm, a friend of mines that I introduced to ysflight, about the number of ysflight videos we have.

My AffiliationsEdit

None, you may only occasionally find me on Captain ys's server under the name GimiGlider_atc. I occasionally direct air traffic there, in a flying E2C Hawkeye. (Ok, I will not be on soon, my multiplayer network is not working.) I also have a youtube channel under the name of "GimiGlider".

My YSFlight GalleryEdit