YS Flight Sim Wiki



In Single Player mode, you can do Free Flight by creating a new flight. In this mode you have the ability to change your aircraft, your weaponry on it, the map you fly on, the time of day, alter the settings of the weather (wind speed, wind direction and visibility/fog) and add wingmen. You can use this mode simply to fly any plane you want, anywhere. On some maps there are ground targets, and in this mode you can also use your aircraft, if it has weapons, to attack and destroy them. Alternatively, you can disable them by selecting the Disable Ground Fire function in the menu when you've selected your settings. With AI wingmen, you can change their aircraft, their weapons and also their starting position. You can also choose between a diamond or delta formation. This setting adds aircraft identical to that of the player in the selected formation (in-game they are controlled as wingmen, but are not set as such in the menu). Preset wingmen, if told to "Form on my wing" will fly aerobatic formations.


There is no way to win this game type.

How To Begin[]

In Offline Mode[]

Go to Simulation, then Fly.

In Online Mode[]

This game type is single-player only.