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In Endurance Mode, the aim is to fly against various waves of enemy air superiority aircraft and stay alive for 900 seconds. In this mode you can choose to have 1 to 3 wingmen which will share the same loadout and aircraft as you or you can fly alone. You can also choose the difficulty level of the AI aircraft. These modes are:

  • Veteran
  • Ace
  • Top Ace

Like other modes, you are able to choose the aircraft you fly, the weapons you load onto it and the map that you fly on. However, with this mode you can switch the enemy fighters to be either modern fighters or world war 2 fighters, so you choose different eras. You can also set AAMs to be allowed or not allowed, so you can fight with just guns or both guns and missiles.


In Single Player Endurance Mode, the objective of this game mode is to stay alive for 900 seconds. In Multiplayer Endurance Mode, the objective is simply to destroy enemy aircraft.

How To Begin[]

In Offline Mode[]

Simulation, then Fly Endurance Mode.

In Online Mode[]

(Server Administrators only)

  • E: Start Endurance Mode (Jet)
  • W: Start Endurance Mode (WW2)
  • T: Terminate Endurance Mode