Dynamic Model, DynaModel, or .dnm files are a type of visual file that allows animation of certain parts. Every .dnm is made up of one or more .srf. The internal .srfs can be applied to any of the animation channels (CLA) and moved in-game by the appropriate control. The entirety of an animated aircraft visual model is contained within a .dnm.

File structureEdit

The .dnm has two sections, a header, and a footer.

The header declares the dnm format version (currently only the 2011 aircraft additions have .dnms that are a version other than 1, so DNMVER2 features are not entirely understood).

The second section of the dynamodel is the pack section. The pack section lists individual .srf segments in the format of:


[.srf goes here] (contains a large number of lines with many numbers, each denoting a vertex, or a point in the file. These are then joined into polygons later in the code.)

All of the .srf meshes that will be included in the dnm for use as animation or static meshes will be listed in the first part of the file.

Following this is a section that positions, rotates, declares centerpoints, and attributes the CLA animation to each .srf. This section is also used to declare children models, which move in coordination with parent models. See reconfighter's tutorial for more on the .dnm.