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Hello, my name is Danny and I'm currently an active member of the YS Flight community. I have a keen interest in aviation which led me to the world of YS Flight. I was the Leader/Founder of the YS Flight Red Arrows from 2009-2011, and specialise in aerobatics. I particularly enjoy organising virtual airshows with other members of the YSAS team.

===My YSFlight History===

I discovered YS Flight in late 2005 and began flying online in late 2006 under the name of YSDanny. In 2007 I attended the YS International Airshow and discovered the potential which the sim had for aerobatics. In 2009 I joined the premier airshow organising committee YSAS. In 2008 I formed my first aerobatic team, known as the Green Falcons; which featured myself, Felixno91 and drahon45. This team eventually transformed into the YS Flight Red Arrows, who are still active today. I was also a pilot in the JetBlue airways virtual airline which ran from 2008, but unfortunately folded in 2009. Also in December 2008, I joined the CVW-171 squadron after being recruited by the now inactive member "Cobra". Today, I am still a member of the squadron in the VT-171.

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