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Here is a table of various well-established ACTIVE YSFlight Communities:

Name of Website Related YSFWiki Article Link to the Website Language Status
YSFlight Headquarters YSFlight Headquarters YSFlight Headquarters English Active
YSFlight Wiki YSFlight Wiki YSFlight Wiki English Active
YSFLIGHT@2ch YSFLIGHT@2ch YSFLIGHT@2ch Japanese Active
YSFlight Indonesia YSFlight Indonesia YSFlight Indonesia Indonesian/English Active
YSFlight Korea YSFlight Korea YSFlight Korea Korean Active
YSFlight Addons (UK) YSFlight Addons (UK) YSFlight Addons UK English Active


There are also communities that can no longer be reached because their websites are down. Some may have websites that are still running but are never used anymore. Here is a table of INACTIVE YSFlight Communities:

Name of Website Related YSFWiki Article Language
YSPilots YSPilots English
YSFlight Birdfarm YSFlight Birdfarm English
YSFlight.tk YSFlight.tk


YSFlight Treehouse

YSFlight Treehouse


ETNU's YSFlight Wiki

ETNU's YSFlight Wiki


YSFlight Booru YSFlight Booru English
YSFlight United Kingdom YSFlight United Kingdom English

YSFlight Refugee Camp

YSFlight Refugee Camp English
YSFlight South East Asia YSFlight SEA English
YSUpload (YSFHQ) YSUpload English
YSFlight Addons (Brazil) YSFlight Addons English
YSFlight Hispana YSFlight Hispana Spanish
YS Halcones YS Halcones Spanish

Realtime Communication[]

YSFHQ has a Discord Server available at this link: https://forum.ysfhq.com/viewtopic.php?f=297&t=7696


A dynamic server list can be found here at YSFlight Headquarters: https://forum.ysfhq.com/app.php/page/serverlist




Main article: Airshows

To no surprise, the aerobatic community's primary source of events are airshows, organized events where individuals and groups get together to display their aerobatic prowess and skills for a couple of days. In addition to the performers getting together for these events, these are also open to spectators. Due to the fun, friendliness and accessibility of the airshow events, as well as the fact that the significant amount of organizers and participants of these are staunch enthusiasts of aerobatics and aviation in general, Airshows have historically come out as the most popular and most hotly organized events within the YS community.


Races are a much rarer event but they do sometimes happen in the community. These are usually races which either include multiple vehicles racing each other to the finish or time trials where the participants take turns to run a course as fast as they can.

  • YS Grand Prix 2011
  • Formula YS
  • VNAF Airfest 2012
  • VNAF Airfest 2013
  • VNAF Airfest 2014
  • VNAF Airfest 2015
  • VNAF Airfest 2016
  • YSRS Championship
  • YSCAS Air and Ground Race: Honolulu


Formal Events[]

The combat community has hosted many formal combat events of varying types and proportions. These formal events are typically ones where the players sign up either individually or as a team and attend an event on a set time and date with set rules and teams. Unlike informal conflicts below, formal combat events are usually open to any and all participants.

Informal Conflicts[]

Main article: Virtual YSFlight Groups#Squadron Wars

A significant dynamic in the military side of YSFlight is that Combat Groups may not always agree with each others ideas and would sometimes settle differences by engaging in conflicts informally, which is a significant shaper in the history of YSFlight groups as many of the most active Combat Groups formed from scenarios such as these. These may often be driven by group politics.

Historic reasons for these kinds of conflicts have often included the following: Combat groups revolting against a larger combat group for the sake of toppling its position of authority; poaching of members from one squadron by another squadron; a desire to regulate combat standards; combat groups basing themselves on ideas that are the polar opposites of each other and naturally clash; regulation of rule breakers. They usually take place spontaneously across the servers with no formal competition planning, weapon balance and player balance, which sets it apart from an organized competition or event. The significance of these scenarios may vary, depending on which squadrons are involved, how many squadrons are involved, how many players from each squadron are involved and how long the conflict goes on for. The most significant and well-known of all of these is the decade-long rivalry between the 171st and the 49th.