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  • Commanding Officer of CVW-171 (CAG-171)
  • Former Combat Admin, YSFHQ
  • CO of VFA-165(171st sub squadron)
  • Senior Officer, Brotherhood of Honor
  • Member, SOS Brigade (Currently as Great Teacher Largo).
  • YSFHQ Tag:Bombcat
  • Online Server Tag:[CAG171]Bombcat
Bombcat joined the YS forums in 2006, and has since distinguished himself as a capable multirole combat pilot. His place within the community has been colored by his membership within the 171st, first as a junior pilot, and eventually as the commanding officer, CAG-171. He's the CO of VFA-165, the Black Aces, and can often be found flying an F-14D on strike missions, dogfighting experienced squadmates, or practicing carrier landings. When not flying a Navy fighter, he'll often take a Cessna 182 on a pleasant cruise around the Hawaiian islands. Bombcat is an occasional modder, with public releases including a commemorative VF-17 F/A-18F, a navalized P-51B Mustang, and the SOS brigade's Deathliners. He is an avid kit-basher, and has a large fleet of semi-complete/unreleased mods, notably the F-24 Ocelot, F-19 Dagger, and a monstrous Hellcat/Typhoon combination fighter. Hopefully, most if not all of these mods will one day see the light of day. Close associates within the YS community include Iceman, Seraphim, Animal, SvenPhantom, Sentinel182, Shutter, Vandal, and the entire 171st. He strongly supports the 241st, and hopes that all YS squadrons may succeed as far as they are able. Since February 2011, Bombcat has served as a founding admin of the YS Headquarters forum, where he acts principally as the combat moderator. Bombcat's interests include Naval Aviation, cats of all kinds, history,and military technology. Greetings,comrades! =^w^= ~~
  • Favorite Aircraft: Grumman F-14B/D Tomcat.
  • Current Active Projects: XA-8 Wasp Birdfarm contest entry, stock replacement F-18E/F repaint.

My YSFlight HistoryEdit

  • April 2006 - first joined YSPilots English Language forum
  • May 30, 2006 - Recruited for the 171st, assigned to 171st Bomb Squadron.
  • November 11th, 2006 - Appointed Co of VFA-171, the new title for the 171st Bomb Squadron.
  • June 3rd, 2007 - Appointed Commanding officer of CVW-171.
  • February 2011 - Became a founding Administrator of YSFHQ English Language Community.

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