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In Air Combat, the aim is to fly against a set number of enemy aircraft. In this mode you can choose to have 1 to 2 wingmen which will share the same loadout and aircraft as you or you can fly alone. As for enemies, you can choose 1 to 5 enemy aircraft to fight, and choose what their aircraft will be. You can also choose the difficulty level of all of the AI aircraft, including your wingmen. These difficulty levels are:

  • Novice
  • Veteran
  • Ace
  • Deadly
  • Lethal

Like other modes however, you cannot choose loadouts on your aircraft, but you have to click OK and then go to Simulation, then Select Airplane to do this. You can also still choose the map that you fly on, and the start positions where each of the aircraft start at. You also have the option of turning AAMs on or off.


To win this game type you must destroy all of the enemy aircraft you fly against.

How To Begin[]

In Offline Mode[]

Simulation, then Create Air Combat.

In Online Mode[]

Officially, this game type is offline mode only. However, for online mode, dogfighting another human player or group of human players is essentially the same thing.