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Ace Lord is a former YSFHQ Admin and inactivated member of VFA-49 who has been with the YSFlight community for over ten years. Originally hailing from the Ace Combat community, Ace Lord migrated to YSFlight to escape the totalitarian leadership found there when he left in 2007. In the intervening decade he could be found either at an airshow flying his custom Su-37, among other planes, or hitting a target range. As an airshow pilot Ace Lord is best known for being the proprietor of Sky Surfer Airshows, a two-ship display featuring an Su-37 and C-17 Globemaster that operated for five years before retiring.

In combat, Ace Lord originally flew SEAD for VFA-49 before transitioning into a strategic bombing / heavy strike role following an overhaul of the squadron's sub-units. Even after being folded into the Brotherhood of Honor alliance, he has worked to maximize the usefulness and destructive potential of the aircraft available to him. Two of these projects included the first practical fuel-air weapons and upgrades to the B-52 airframe to carry and deploy them. Finally, Ace Lord served a brief tenure as a member of the YSFHQ staff before retiring fully from duty in 2018 due to personal reasons and the overall decline of the YSFlight.

==YSFlight History==
  • 2007 -- Discovered YS Flight, migrated from ACS.
  • 2008 -- Joind YS Pilots (long-defunct community forum) and VFA-49.
  • 2009 -- Began flying at YS airshows, formed Sky Surfer Airshows in March that same year.
  • 2011 -- Joined YSFHQ after YSPilots went down.
  • 2016 -- Sky Surfer Airshows retired.
  • 2017 -- Elected to YSFHQ Staff.
  • 2018 -- Retired from staff by not seeking re-election, also went inactive from combat.


  • VFA-49 Ghosthawks
  • Brotherhood of Honor
  • YSFlight Headquarters
  • VNAF Aerobatics

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