About The SquadronEdit

The Grabacr Squadron is a disbanded squadron made by YSFlight user Ashley. In late 2010, there was a major conflict between Grabacr, the CVW-171, and several independent pilots. Their base of operations was EricT15's server, but they were forced out due to excessive vulching and rulebreaking. This was believed to be due to lack of proper leadership within the squadron. Currently, there is no activity from any of the former members of Grabacr Squadron.

Squadron ObjectiveEdit

The Grabacr were believed to be a "Terrorist squadron", who randomly opened fire on civilian aircraft, among other aircraft, without permission, and had also vulched upon aircraft, and also destroyed ground objects on servers.


General InformationEdit

The aircraft used by Grabacr Squadron is believed to be The F-15S/MTD, A Variant of the F-15, Similar to the F-15 ACTIVE, or the Sukhoi S-37 Grabacr Squadron scheme. The members of the Grabacr Squadron are unknown, except Ashley, the flight lead of the disbanded squadron. Ashley also shares his online name with Ashley Bernitz, the Ace Combat Grabacr Squadron leader.



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