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The 57th Polyvalent Squadron is a squadron based on futuristic planes such as FSW F-16 and the F-65 by SADHI.. Almost all the planes are painted by Rise and Shine, CO of the squadron.

===Squadron Objective===

To bring peace all around and rip the clouds so people can see the sun.


General InformationEdit

This is the 57th Polyvalent Squadron "Cloud Rippers" that, as our name says, we perform five tasks: air combat, ground attack, military transport, electronical warfare and ground ops. With the most innovative planes manufactured by SADHI and AGMC Industries, that include technologies like COFFIN, boxwing designs and FSW ones. We train our pilots to be specialized in what they chose. We are divided in: Fighter Division - FD Attack Division - AD Cargo Division - CD Electronical Warfare Division - EWD and the 347th.


The 57th was a squadron that started in the first half of 2011


AD - F/A-52 Honey Badger, JAS-39 Gripen, MAG-1TVC Mudskipper, RAH-72 Blackfoot

FD - F-16 FSW-CF Block II, CFA-28 Bruja, F-65 Light Venom Block III, Screamer UCAV, F/A-59

CD - C-17B Globemaster IV, R505, A558 Starlifter

EWD - AEW&C 737

347th - Several versions of the HUMVEE platform, which include SAMs, medical vehicles and 7 more.

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