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The 398th Armadillos serves a primarily ground-attack role, hitting low, hard, and fast before the enemy has time to react. Top cover is provided by the [TCO-77th] sub-unit, which enforces aggressive air superiority during ground ops performed by the 26th (another sub-unit). We provide Forward Air Control and SEAD, as well as being the exclusive escort squadron of ATVA.

Squadron ObjectiveEdit

Control of the skies by superior skill. Domination of the ground by rounds on target.


General InformationEdit

Hangar: [TCO-77th]: - F-5A Phantom Tiger - F-14B Tomcat - F-15C Eagle - F-16C Fighting Falcon - F-18E Super Hornet - F-22A Raptor - F-35A Lightning II 26th - A-4 Skyhawk - A-10 Thunderbolt II - AH-64 Apache - B-1B Lancer - B-2 Spirit - B-52 Stratofortress - V-22 Osprey


The 398th is fairly new to the YS scene: founded in late May/early June of 2011 by CO CharleyHotel and XO Phoenix, the squadron originally focused on ground attack only. However, after a merger with the [TCO-77th], which brought in joint CO ToxicSkylines and joint XO BarLock, the role was expanded and sub-units were formed. Recruiting efforts have brought in several experienced members, including a highly regarded training officer, and a rising star on the modding scene. No better friend, no worse enemy.


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