323rd Emblem

The 323rd CAW Emblem


About The SquadronEdit

The 323rd Common Air Wing was formed in April 2011 after the merger of the 367th Special Missions Wing and 323rd Fighter Squadron. It is jointly commanded by Martin-Dutchie and Welshy (in order to share ownership) with the Executive Officer being Dave J. Later in the life of the squadron Welshy became the sole Officer Commanding with Dave J being 2IC and Dan being 3IC.

Squadron ObjectiveEdit

As such the squadron aimed to avoided offensive operations and therefore focused on defensive operations. It's pilots mainly trained in operations such as QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) and CAS (Close Air Support).


General InformationEdit

They fly multiple aircraft such as the F/A-18E Super Hornet and A-10 Warthog. The 323rd CAW has the following sub-squadrons:

  • 100th Perigrine Falcons - Air Superiority (OC Dan)
  • 201st Ground Hogs - Ground Attack (OC Dave J)
  • 367th (R) Inners - Training (Run By All Senior Officers)
  • 800th Dolphins - Naval and Expeditionary Warfare (Welshy)
  • 8th Support - AWACS, Rescue and Transport (Unassigned)


The squadron was formed when Martin's 323rd Fighter Squadon and Welshy's 367th Special Missions Wing decided to merge in order to create one of the largest YS units of its time. Although the unit never challenged the 171st in terms of active size or capability it did at times beat the 49th in terms of these two factors. Certain pilots such as Svartross proved their ability against so called "superior opponents" and the units main combat operations were flown against the "444-CV" as it was known at the time.

After a period of decline the 323rd finally dispanded after Welshy became inactive and the rest of the squadron transitioned towards civilian flying

As the RAF would say the "number plate" of the 323rd lives on in the VP-323 which is also commanded by Welshy. This unit is dedicated to maritime patrol and anti-shipping and as such could not be considered to be at odds with other YSFlight units. It's sole purpose is to control the seas and due to the limitations of YS, although active it seeks no combat and functions as a mainly non-combatant demonstration unit which all are free to join.


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