121st's Logo.

About The SquadronEdit

The 121st SOW (Formally known as 121st Advanced Fighter Squadron) is a Special Operations Wing that takes part in top secret activities on YSFlight. The 121st SOW are a Anti-Terrorism squadron run by Rainman. Alpha Star (CO of 121st Advanced Fighter Squadron) gave Rainman the 121st after he left YSFlight.

Squadron Objective

The 121st's objective is to reduce the amount of terrorism in YSFlight, such as civillian aircraft shootings, shooting without permission, hackers, and greifers. Terrorism in YSFlight spoils people's fun, and we aim to bring that fun back to you!

General Information

The 121st is one of the most elite squadrons on YSFlight. Pilots are recruited if they show that they are good enough to the Commanding Officer. Being skilled enough for the 121st is hard, as you must be skilled in dogfighting, Quick Reaction Alert, and Reconnaissance. After a Pilot is chosen he/she will undertake the 121st's training program. Training is held every Wednesday and Weekends. In training you will practice dogfighting, QRA, Anonymity and Reconnaissance. After training you will begin doing top secret operations with the 121st.

Want to be an Elite Pilot in the 121st?

The 121st is currently recruiting pilots (Sign up here: or fill out the application and send it to